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Perkin PR is happy to help.
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Spring has sprung
March 2018
The birds are busy and so are we.....great to be working with some new companies!
Leaves are turning
Time to get planning
next years communications plans. Lets get ourselves a coffee and get creative!
Churt Summer BBQ
Friends of St. Johns
celebrated a wonderful evening. A great event to organise - good food, music and a fabulous organising team! Thank you all.
Saturday March 18th
Join us for Wine Bluff in the Village Hall
Fundraiser for the local community and a bit of a laugh.
February 2017
At least all the wet weather
is helping us to stay indoors and get all the comms planning done for our small businesses....
Autumn 2016
Been a real pleasure
working with Reef Estates and Arcus-pcd.
Mid-summer Celebration
Village BBQ and live music
Great fun had by all at the Village BBQ. Perkin PR enjoyed organising this one!
A busy spring
for Story Pocket Theatre
Classic children's stories re-told by a magical cast.