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Need an extra pair of hands to get a project completed on time?
Need some advice to help get your communications strategy started?
Want help organising an event for personal or business life?
Perkin PR is happy to help.
Please email or call to discuss your requirements, and we will tailor a package suitable for your needs.
Happy New Year
to clients old and new
Hope you have a successful 2019!
Christmas PTA Frenzy
Lots of local fundraising
See PTA and local noticeboards for details. Don't miss the Christmas Fair for much merriment, Rudolph's slime pit and Christmas goodies.
Autumn 2019
Planning time again
Really enjoyed working with clients designing their new communication plans....
Fantastic Summer BBQ
Perkin PR
enjoyed organising this one with the Friends of St. John's. Well done all. Another great community event.
Summer 2018
Piries Place, Horsham
Good to hear the construction phase is going well. Looking forward to seeing the end result....keep up the good work Reef Estates.
For local clients...
Get yourselves a team together
and join in the Village Hall Quiz. Great fun and a fundraiser for the Hall at the same time.
Spring has sprung
March 2018
The birds are busy and so are we.....great to be working with some new companies!
Leaves are turning
Time to get planning
next years communications plans. Lets get ourselves a coffee and get creative!